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List of online resources

The following URLs are taken from the book "Real Life Math: Everyday use of mathematical concepts" by Evan M. Glazer and John W. McConnell (2002). It is a book on real-life applications of math sorted in alphabetical order. Below are the links I have selected from the book after checking authenticity. Some links differ from the book as they were moved. Do take time to look through some of the topics, especially complex numbers where both teachers and students have a hard time coming up with examples of complex numbers in action. The website by British Columbia Institute of technology provides many interesting mathematical applications to technology.




A study of angles of light in a diamond.

Deals with reflection and refraction.

Good for the topic of angles as well as

reflection and refraction in physics.

The mathematics of rainbows.

Uses concepts of reflection and refraction as well.

Instructions on how to throw a boomerang

with reference to angles and vectors.


The basics of food cooling.

Uses log function and exponential functions


Finding and plotting celestial coordinates


Arches in architecture

Tree rings

Another comprehensive site on tree rings

Complex Numbers

A forum page that discusses the

use of complex numbers in real life.

Application of complex numbers in electric circuits

Using complex numbers to generate fractals.

Exponential Decay

Carbon dating

Exponential Growth

Population growth.

Savings and compound interest. The main site contains other

uses of math that are applicable to teens: Click here

The exponential spread of chain letters and scams

The Charles Ponzi Scam

Exponential growth of the Internet

Pricing diamond rings

Inflation calculator calculates the same amount

of money you have in 2 different years.

Calculates inflation between the years 1800 to 2006.


Ph Factor in Chemistry

Ph chart

Table of decibel levels

Excellent list of applications in technical

areas of technology


Cryptology and coding (Describe the benefits of this form of

coding instead of direct substitution)

Another website on cryptology and

coding using matrices

Matrices in balancing chemical equations

Various matrix related activities. Lesson plans included.

Polar Coordinates

A Programme can be downloaded to plot polar pictures

Sun position in polar coordinates

Polar coordinates in Robotics


A website that describes how to

build boxes using rational and polynomial functions

Polynomial equations in drag racing

Quadratic Functions

Science of cycling

Investigating Fluid flow using algebraic equations

Using equations to determine

the minimum surface area of a cylinder

Rate, Ratio and Proportion

Gear ratios of bicycles

Ratios in musical scales

Ratios in musical scales, tuning the piano.

Proportion and ratio in cooking

Eratosthenes using proportion to

estimate the radius of the earth

Proportion in medical imaging

Exchange rates for international currencies

Yerkes-Dodson law of Stress (Rate of change)


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