Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Set" Card Game

I came across this card game called "Set" which is used for cooperative learning in class. It is a simple card game where a group of students try to identify sets of cards from a deck with different attributes, such as shape and color. A "set" of cards is one where either each attributes is the same or different.

Try this Flash tutorial to understand the mechanics of the game.

There is alot of potential in this game for teaching and learning in the following areas:

Permutation and Combination
Eg: What is the total number of sets that can be formed from the deck?
Set Theory
Eg: If A is the set of red cards and B is the set of diamond shaped cards, what does the set A union B mean?
Eg: What is the probability that the game will end with 3 cards?
Problem Solving
Eg: What is the maximum number of cards that can be picked before a set must be found?

More information can be found in the following two URLs:


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